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DFL 10 coated bearing we offer

Bearing coating

DFL10 coated bearings

Bearing coating


DFL ANTI FRICTION coatings will reduce friction giving you a protective layer over the bearing being coated.

Lowering your bearings friction will provide more workable horse power.

Lower friction, wear and heat.

Extremely thin Bearing coating so “NO” clearance compensation need.

Stop your engine from turning into a grenade.

Resist wear.

Extend the life of your engine.

Eliminate corrosion.

Maximum horsepower and efficiency.

Secure your investment.

Coatings & Plating’s Bearing coatings (Dry Film Coating Anti-friction coatings) can be applied to components such as piston skirts, compressor blades, turbine shafts, crankshaft bearings, camshaft bearings, gearbox gears, automatic transmission gears, differential gears, non-stick items.

Dry film coating (solid lubricant) during cold-starting metal parts are touching metal to metal until the oil pressure is high enough to separate to crankshaft, connecting-rod, camshaft components, piston rings from there bearing this is called the hydrodynamic lubrication. Dry film coating can stop this metal to metal contact because the coating is on the parts at all times.

Dry film coating reduces frictional resistance between connecting-rods, crankshaft bearings, between piston skirts, rings, and cylinder walls. Dry Film coating Protect against corrosion and wear of metallic surfaces from the action of fuel decomposition products like water, SO2 HBr, HLC, etc).

The Dry film lubricant coating Coatings & Plating’s offer will resist decomposition resist oxidation, and have the best thermal stability. This dry film coating must counteract action of fuel and lubricant decomposition products at high temperatures, (Remember alcohol corrodes aluminum) especially on non-ferrous metals.

Under normal lubrication metal to metal contact is unavoidable but dry film coating stop all that by bonding the lubricant to the parts surface. Dry film Coating have a dispersive action that contribute to the elimination of dust and other contaminants and resist deposit formations which would affect lubrication and your parts life.

Wear happens because the individual and combined effects of corrosion, metal-to-metal contact, and abrasion also the corrosive attack (fuels combined with alcohol) by acidic products of combustion is one of the chief causes of cylinder and ring wear. This effect is worst at low cylinder wall temperatures so people who remove their thermostats are killing their engines. Cooling systems should be designed for the system to give appropriate metal temperatures meaning the temperature of the part determines the parts size.

Wear happens from the presence of atmospheric dust that comes in through your air filter, and metallic partials from corrosive and abrasive wear, found in your engine used lubricating oil. Efficient air filtration is therefore most important. Costumers should only buy air filters with membrane size of 8-12 microns.

Without continuous lubrication a bearings life will not be long. Crankshaft bearing carry large loads move small pieces of metal mix with the bearing material. Bearings must sacrifice their life to save the crankshaft.

The bearing coatings were offering is capable of working under pressures in excess of 350,000 psi and still lubricating your parts. Never again will you have the problem of oil moving away from your part. Our Dry film coating holds your motor oil in place around the part being lubricated. DFL coating is applied in a film thickness of from .0003″ to .001” After operating the engine the coating will burnish to a near “0” dimension.