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Plasma ARC Zircona ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating

We are moving into the future with a plasma arc sprayed on coating that unlike liquid ceramic. The coating will enfuse with the metal to form a strong mechanical bond that is hard to remove.

Plasma-sprayed zirconium oxide ceramic coatings produce a durable, chemically-resistant protective layer that is rich and stable with aluminum, molybdenum, platinum, rhodium, and titanium. This zircona ceramic coating will seal metals and porous ceramics while protecting other ceramics, graphite, and metal parts up to 3270 °F of (1800 °C). 

Protect your parts from residue build-up, hot spots, and short element life. Zirconia ceramic coating is the best thermal barrier coating for exhaust manifolds, turbine housings, downpipes, waste-gates pipes, exhaust pipes. This ceramic coating is also suitable for sealing porous ceramics and protecting other ceramics, graphite, and metal structures up to 3270 °F of (1800 °C). Coatings platings apply zirconia ceramic coating to resistance wire heating elements SiC and MoSi₂, which are heating elements used in high-temperature furnaces. 

Our thermal sprayed zirconia ceramic coating can make you realize your engine’s full potential. Our Zirconia ceramic coating is chemically nonreactive, corrosion-resistant, and used as a thermal barrier coating on pistons, cylinder heads, turbine housings, jet and diesel engines. The zirconia thermal plasma ceramic coating is sprayed onto the metal parts at 500-1000 °F—the higher the combustion operation temperature of any engine, the greater the possible efficiency.