Powder coating brake Calipers

Powder coating brake calipers lasts much longer than painting them. Powder coating offer a multitude of colors combinations base pearl base with transparent metallic chrome. Powder coating your brake calipers last longer than Automotive paint powder coating beats liquid paint every time. Your brake caliper are going to always be over heated only powder coating can endure these high temperatures without color fade.

Powder coated re brake caliper
powder coating 17z red brake caliper
powder coated brake calipers in black
media blasted 17z brake caliper
powder coated red brake calipers
powder coated gold brake caliper
17z black caliper
media blasted 17z brake caliber
powder coatepowder coated black 17z brembo brake caliper

Old 17Z brake caliper

17Z caliper after media blasting

17z caliper after powder coating two stage base high gloss black with a clear top coat.

Powder coating jamaica
powder coated brake calipers
lagon teal